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Inspirational Quotes from Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series by Cory Groshek 
Life isn't about living the longest; it's about living the most. (page 134) If you truly believe in something, that is, if you care enough about it …

Creative inspiration for living a life fulfilled. 
Each of us are an incredibly unique thread, woven into the beautiful fabric, of our collective consciousness. ~Jaeda DeWalt Whomever you truly are… …

My Brother, My Friend I love my brother, my brother loves me. My friend, my hero, he always will be. In sundry ways our uniqueness is clear. He likes to …

The Last of the Old Time Fiddlers 
He's the last of the old time fiddlers. He lives in Fulton County Arkansas He taught himself how to play by sawing on the strings, In the ev'ning when …

Grandma's Fixin' Breakfast for the Lord 
My people came from the rustic woods of northern Arkansas. Though poor in earthly goods, my grandparents' legacy is priceless. Several years ago my cousin …

"Clinging on to I,Me and Myself" 
"Greed maneuvers you to self-destruction while generosity moulds your self-image" Lynette Gracious Frantz 27/1/2017

" Actions Preach" 
"If our abusive conscience is not convicted,we need to ponder concerning our dubious conversion" Lynette Gracious Frantz 20/1/2017

"Abide in God's counsel" 
"If we abide in God's costless word,we require no cashed counselling" Lynette Gracious Frantz 19/2/2017

"Detach From Self-Seekers" 
"Detach your foolish emotions revolving around self-seekers. When opportunists move away from you in your dead circumstances, unbrace them to move further …

"The challenging climb" 
"Willingly carry your baggage of burdens while climbing higher through the distractive mountainous criticisms concentrating positively to reach your desired …

"Illuminate before you extinguish" 
Shadows are stiff necked and they travel along with you all over,you require the darkest shadowy experiences to distinctively illuminate yourself by helping …

"My Love is like a Hummingbirds heartbeat, and its insatiable desire to taste the sweet nectar of a rose"

Turning Storms in Sprinkles 
#1. There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more. - Robert M. Hensel #2. A brush of kindness, can paint a smile …

In life you may have to trip over a couple of bricks to build a foundation, but at the end you should have a house.

Quote by Guy Finley 
"Every relationship that we have in our life is a mirror that reveals things to us about ourselves that can be realized in no other way."

Guy Finley 
One action: letting go. Two results: we leave one world, one level of self behind us and,in the same moment, rise into another, higher order of our own …


Positive Outlook 
"If a person finds the negative people in his network, then he needs to mind or mend his own nature than others, for his basic grounding decides only the …

On Recovery 
"To get on your feet, you have to get off your ass." - Anonymous

Life can be hard, life can be rough, life will have potholes and forks in the road........but life is always teaching you to make the best choice …

Demond Jackson 
Demond L. Jackson is a Life Coach certified through the Coaching Academy of North America for general life coaching, small business coaching, and success …

Inspirational Quote by RVM 
RVM's Thought for the Day - "Life offers us both, Problems and Solutions. It's for us to choose what we want. "

Mother Nature 
"The surrounding environment is the best erudite master to teach us the fundamental laws of nature and the basics of living in life." ~ Anuj Somany.

Greatest Accomplishments 
“One of the greatest accomplishments in any person’s life is if he can trust someone other than him wholeheartedly and sustain it faithfully all throughout …

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"Freedom is the kingdom of wisdom that blossoms the multiple numbers of innovation, invention and inspiration in life." ~ Anuj Somany.

"Faith is an invincible, impeccable, invisible, invigorating and intelligible trust that does not rust with time."~Anuj Somany

The Character of a Godly Leader 
A godly leader will lead with HONESTY. He/she will love the truth, only listen to the truth, and only speak the truth. “If a ruler listens to lies …

Don't forget to be awesome

In the long run, flexible minds win.

Isn't it strange that a friend you used to be close to has now become a person that you barely know, and even though you hardly speak to them any more, …

More 'Mayberry' and less "Jersey Shore' 
I'm not nostalgic for some idealized return to "the good old days", but, as an old guy, I can attest to the idea that the values and actions of our society …

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