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Sayings, Idioms, and Cliches

List of Sayings

Great Quotes Library has assembled hundreds of these common, folksy phrases . . . so many, in fact, that we can only show you a small percentage on this page. However, we have provided two great ways to see ALL of our Sayings, Idioms, and Cliches:

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Selected Sayings, Idioms, and Cliches

A little birdie told me Someone told me, but I won’t say who
A wing and a prayer Maybe it will turn out okay, but it doesn’t look good
Ace up your sleeve Hiding something you plan to use later
Bee in your bonnet Bothered about something; irritated
Buy a pig in a poke Agreeing to accept something you haven’t seen
Chickens come home to roost Trouble you cause will come back to you
Cream puff Someone who is easy, not tough, weak
Dark horse candidate The candidate not expected to win; underdog
Eat crow You were wrong; you have to take back what you said
Eat your hat Sure you’re right; no danger of being proven wrong
Egg on your face Everyone knows you did or said something foolish
Fiddling while Rome burns Playing around and not taking care of urgent business
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Go fly a kite Go away; do something else; leave me alone
Gum up the works Mess things up; causing confusion or malfunction
Humdinger (Doozie) Something or a result that is fantastic; exceptional
Jump on the bandwagon Do something just because others are doing it
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Keep your head down Don’t do anything dangerous or draw attention to yourself
Little pitchers have big ears Children are listening when we don’t think they are
Long in the tooth Old; has lived a long life; implies wisdom
No quarter asked, none given No one will ask for mercy and no one will give mercy
Off the cuff Without thinking about it; spontaneous
Out in left field Don’t really know what’s going on; off target
Point of no return Too late to turn back, may as well keep going
Red Tape Complications; rules and regulations
Run off at the mouth Talk too much; say things that don’t need to be said
Salt of the earth Solid members of society
Sing for your supper Perform a service in return for something you want
Take with a grain of salt Don’t take it too seriously; maybe true, maybe not
Tongue-in-cheek Said in a humorous or sarcastic way
Wet behind the ears Young and inexperienced
Wide place in the road A very small town or roadside business
Wrong side of the tracks From an undesirable part of town or social class
Your goose is cooked It’s over, and you’re in trouble
Fish or cut bait Make a choice and get it done, otherwise, step aside for others
Full of beans (prunes) Foolish; dishonest; don't know what you're talking about
More than one way to skin a cat More than one way to get the same results

. . . and we have hundreds more . . .

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List of Sayings

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