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Fetch-a-Quote Help and Information

Searching Great Quotes Library is EASY, FLEXIBLE, and FUN
using our Exclusive Custom Designed Fetch-a-Quote system

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1.    Search by NAME or ALPHABET

     If you want to search by name, you must first choose a NAME SEARCH CRITERIA (i.e. 'Name Starts With', or 'Name Contains')
graphic of search form      If you want to search by ALPHABET (e.g. find quotes by everyone with a name starting with the letter 'S') select the 'NAME STARTS WITH' radio button then type the first letter of the last name (or first name).  To narrow your search, type in the first one, two, or three letters of the name (e.g. instead of putting in 'S', you can put in 'Smy', and we will return Quotes by 'Smyth', but not 'Smith').
     The other choice for doing a NAME Search is 'NAME CONTAINS'.   Select this radio button then type-in any part of a name. We will find every quote in our library attributed to any person with those letters anywhere in their name (e.g. 'col' will return quotes by 'Lincoln' and 'Collins').
You can use only the first name, only the last name, or both first and last names for any of these NAME SEARCH CRITERIA.

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2.    Search by TOPIC(s)

      Quotes in our library have been classified and sorted by TOPIC. You can search as many TOPICs at the same time as you want.  Many quotations can be (and are) placed in more than one TOPIC, so if you don't find something you're looking for, try a new search using a different TOPIC.
      Keep in mind that if you are also using a NAME and/or a WORD/PHRASE in conjunction with a specific TOPIC(s), we will only search for Quotes within the TOPIC(s) that also meet the NAME and/or WORD/PHRASE criteria you have specified.

3.    Search by WORD or PHRASE

This seems almost magical . . .
     Type in any letter or combination of letters (e.g. a WORD or PHRASE) and we will find every quotation in our library that matches what you've typed, anywhere within any Quote. (This is similar to the 'Name Contains' criteria described above, except this one looks within the quote for a match, not within the name.)
      Keep in mind that if you are also using a NAME and/or a TOPIC in conjunction with a WORD/PHRASE, we will only search for Quotes containing the WORD or PHRASE within the TOPIC(s) and/or NAME criteria you specified.

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TIP - USING the FORM - After filling in the search form, click the 'SEARCH' button on the bottom of the form, and all the quotes matching your specifications will appear below the form on the same page (plus additional pages as needed). You will probably need to scroll down to see the returned Quotes. Also, you may want to 'HIDE SEARCH FORM' after your search is completed so you can see the results better. You can always open the form again ('SHOW SEARCH FORM') later if you want to do an additional search.

TIP - NARROWING YOUR SEARCH - The more information you fill in, the more narrow your search will become. For example, putting in 'Benjamin Franklin' in the NAME search will get you several hundred quotes by Benjamin Franklin. If you type in the name, then select one or more TOPICS, you will get Benjamin Franklin quotes that have been classified in the TOPIC(s) you selected. Likewise, if you add the word 'love' in the WORD/PHRASE text box, the retuned Quotes will be narrowed further to include only those quotes by Benjamin Franklin that have been categorized in the TOPIC(s) you selected, which also contain the word 'love'.

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TIP - SINGLE NAMES and CONFUSING NAMES - Searching for Quotes by a person with a single name, like 'Aristotle', or a generally accepted title, like 'Mother Teresa', can be a little tricky. You may need to try the NAME search a couple different ways to find what you're looking for. For example, Aristotle will probably best be found if you put his name into the FIRST NAME box (but be sure to try the LAST NAME, if needed), but what about Mother Teresa? If one search doesn't work out, try it with a different NAME SEARCH CRITERIA (e.g. try 'Name Starts With' instead of 'Name Contains'), or try a different spelling. If you are unsure how the name is spelled or how it might be configured in our database, it is better to start with a wide search ('Name Starts With' or a simple string in 'Name Contains')then narrow down the results, if you need to.

TIP - MIDDLE INITIALS and MIDDLE NAMES - Typically, middle initials and middle names should be included in the FIRST NAME text box, e.g. John F | Kennedy and Ralph Waldo | Emerson (no punctuation).

We try to keep our Fetch-a-Quote system easy to understand and simple to use, but keep in mind that there are many ways to set up your search; the search results will depend upon the search criteria you set.

Most importantly, have fun, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or suggestions that will help make a more pleasurable and meaningful experience for you and others.

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